Screen Enclosures vs. Sunrooms

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When you want to create a relaxing space to entertain friends and family, often it comes down to two choices: a screen enclosure or a sunroom.Each option has its own unique benefits depending on the size of your home, the intended purpose for use, seasonal weather conditions, and of course – your budget.

With all of that in mind, the following are a few options to consider when you can’t decide between installing a sunroom or a screen enclosure.


The first question to ask is what will work best for my property size.  If you have the space to build an additional structure, a sunroom can be the perfect addition to increase visual appeal and increase property value.

Individuals who cannot add a new structure to their property should consider closing in a rarely used area with a screened enclosure.  These can be customized to include a variety of amenities and features based on your needs.


Sunrooms in Van Buren AR are often built with cathedral roofs.  It is a popular design style there and features geometric walls and a raised pointed dome.  This design aesthetic is excellent for outdoor gardens and open grassy areas.

If you prefer a space that blends more naturally into the surrounding nature, consider having a screened enclosure installed.  This will allow you to observe all aspects of nature without directly standing in its way.

Weather Conditions

A custom-built sunroom is durable enough to withstand most weather conditions.  It is, however, made of glass, so you’ll want to be careful in areas that experience heavy hail or sand storms.

Sunrooms in Van Buren AR

Screen rooms can be built to withstand the changing weather conditions in your area. However, the screens may not provide complete protection from all of the elements.