Tips For Protecting Your Floors

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The floors in our home are very important.  If you have damage to your floors, it will quickly become a major project that could lead to even more major repairs.  When you look at your floors you want to know what type of flooring you have.  If you have carpet or some type of laminate flooring in ardmore ok, it is important to know what it is and how to take care of it.

Don’t drop heavy objects onto your floors

Heavy objects can cause a lot of damage to your floor.  This can be something as simple as a stain in your carpet to a crack in the subfloor.  If you have liquid or other contents in the item that is dropped, then it can break causing pieces to shatter all over the floor.  This isn’t that big a deal with a laminate floor, however with carpet you may never get all the pieces out no matter how hard you try.

Keep them out of direct sunlight

One thing that can happen to your floors when kept in direct sunlight is they can fade.  Colors and patterns can fade from your floors over time.  This is due to light reacting to the pigment and dyes in the materials.  To avoid this,don’ have direct sunlight constantly hitting your floors.  Install blinds or curtains in the room to help absorb or reflect the light.

Know your cleaning products

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Just like other surfaces in your home it is important that you clean your floors.  You want to use the proper cleaning products and use them correctly.  Many products will need to be diluted in water and need to be allowed to dry.  If you have excess product pooling on your floors, you want to make sure that you pick them up as quickly as possible.  Prolonged contact with these products can cause damage.